You can call me Nany. My gender pronoun is they/them. My preferred honorific is Mx. What is “Mx”? You can read more about it here.

A gender neutral title is a title that does not indicate the gender of the person being formally addressed, such as in a letter or other communication, or when introducing the person to others. By comparison, the traditional honorifics of Miss, Mrs, Ms and Mr all indicate the binary gender of the individual. The newer term “Mx” avoids specifying gender not only for persons who wish not to indicate a binary gender (male or female) but also for persons whose gender identity does not fit the gender binary.

What do I do?


I am applied statistician specializing in project management and digital content, with a strong belief in accessibility, accountability and sustainability.

I have experiences in:

  • Data analytics
  • Project management
  • Partnership development
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Data management & archiving
  • Writing

What type of job/gig am I looking for?

I enjoy taking up a role that has challenging exposure. I also enjoy leading projects and make contributions that allow growth in myself, the team that I work with and the work organisation. Based on my past work and pro-bono experiences, I am able to wear a variety of “hats” in order to get the job done. 😉

For more details, you can refer to my resume below 👇